Well, people can't say that I'm not willing to blaze trails, risk getting a ticket from a forestry officer and potentially get bitten by any critter that lives under dead trees and rocks for my clients! ha ha!

Let me just start off by saying I LOVE my clients, they are willing to literally go for it, walk straight into the woods in search of the waters edge! Blazers of our own trail I would certainly say!

We started out the eve by myself arriving first, getting stopped by a forestry officer (who was doing his job in a VERY "Brad" way). But nonetheless I only received a warning, and was told that I could NOT shoot in the national forest without a permit. Hmmmm, at this point, the sun was going down, and we were literally in the middle of nowhere.

So quick thinking, I asked my clients to drive to a parking lot, and let's figure this out. We could hear the water, and even see it a tad through the trees. So we decided, let's do it! I can literally say that we walked (very carefully) across two fallen down trees, climbed over a few trunks, ducked around quite a few prickly bushes and found our private beach!

Equipped with fallen trees, petrified logs, lovely dune grass, large rocks and more! It was STUNNING ya'll, just stunning. The lighting was absolutely perfect, my couple wonderfully humored and very much in love! So with that being said, the images turned out utterly PERFECT!

Moral of that story for me, keep an open mind, there is sheer beauty down every trail, or in this case every "self made" trail, you may just have to work for it a little bit!