I am ready to hit the rewind button on the year 2023 and starting blogging about ALL of my lovely couples and their vendors!

First up, Stephanie & John!

Stephanie and John were not exactly strangers to me, I had first met this sweet couple in January of 2023, when John hired me for his secret proposal!

So let's rewind back to that day when I parked three blocks away from his parents house, and quietly hid in the garage with their friends (whom I literally JUST met while walking to the house. Stephanie and John were actually INSIDE the house getting ready for what she thought was a date night dinner.

We quietly laughed and chatted in hushed voices, HOPING that she, for any reason did not step into the garage. Because the jig my friend would have most certainly been UP! Five of your non-local friends, plus a toddler and not mention a perfect stranger holding a big camera hiding in the garage was just not a good look, no way talking out of that one! ha ha!

John finally convinced her to take a walk on his parents long dock, running parallel to the Atlantic Beach bridge. How he convinced her to go, still remains a mystery, as it was SO COLD, and super gray of a day, not entirely ideal!

All went well, and as he began to bend the knee, I took off running out of the house, still trying not to draw attention to myself, again, perfect stranger running into the yard with a camera would have seemed fishy. He popped the question and of course she said YES, so here we are, sharing their beautiful day with the world!

Their day could not have been more perfect weather wise, a beautiful November day filled with lots of love, happiness and celebration at the Dunes Club in Atlantic Beach! I loved that Stephanie gifted John a customized belt from Smathers & Branson with their wedding date on it! It was a super relaxed day, with a great night filled laughter and dancing! The night kicked off by the ever so talented Band of Oz! A classic beach music band whom many locals have come to know and love!

Venue: The Dunes Club

Dress: Vow'd

Cake: Publix

Florals: Watered Garden

Band: Band of Oz

Caterer: The Dunes Club

Customized Belt: Smathers & Branson