A little bit about myself, in a short paragraph! My love for shooting began when I received my very first film camera at 12, I am 40 now so let's just not do that math! I went on to be the HS Photographer for the yearbook, yes, I was that kid! I studied black and white film in Vermont under Andrew Kline, a well known film photographer there. I fell even MORE in love with photography!

I long to visit Europe so I can eat, sleep and breathe shooting film! As well as eat, sleep and breathe all of that delicious culture, and let's be honest, the FOOD. It's a dream and one day, I will get there! I enjoy art, and all types of wonderful music, currently it's Mozart playing in the background.

I crave deep conversations, I want to know more about YOU, your dreams, your passions, your big plans for your new life together! Oh, and as you can see, I can't take a serious photo, it's just not in me.

I live in a charming little coastal town called Beaufort (BOW-FORT) not (BU-FERT). I reside here with my ocean loving husband, two beautiful boys, two cheeky german short haired pointers, and one rather fat black cat. We love our little town, but we also love to explore the beauty that our great state of North Caroline has to offer! So we are often on the go go go!

I like to connect with people, it's what brings me joy, it's what drives me.


It's real, genuine and authentic. I want you to be the best versions of yourselves, and I want the whole world to see! I'll practically do untying to try and get you to laugh, as well as do anything it takes to get the shot! I like to keep it simple, relaxed and fun. I want to be where your happy place is, because if you are happy and comfortable, that will reflect in the images. I like to focus on those precious, candid moments that occur naturally between you and your loved one. Making you feel comfortable in front of the camera is my number one priority, and number is to have fun! Life is too short to anything but that! The BIGGEST compliment I could ever receive is that from your fellow, when they say "This wasn't bad at all." OR "Man, that was actually fun, I feel comfortable with her!". (Both true statements that have been officially made by my Grooms). That's when I know, I got them, so your big day will be THAT more comfortable for the both of you.



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