i'm Mel O'Berry, and I like to connect with people. I'm a small town North Carolina photographer, artist, and girl with big dreams. Obsessed with: coffee, warm and cozy socks, and let's not forget yoga pants. i seek adventure, coffee, and new relationships. Keepn' it real since 1982. 


My photography style? It's real, genuine and authentic. I want you to be the best versions of you, and I want the whole world to see! I'll do anything to try and get you to laugh, as well as do just about anything it takes to get the shot! I like to keep it simple, relaxed and fun. I want to be where your happy place is, because if you're happy, then I'm happy, and that will show in the images I capture. I like to focus on those precious, candid moments that occur naturally between you and your loved ones. Making you feel comfortable in front of the camera is my number one priority, and number two you ask. having fun! Because life is too short to do anything but that!

want to know more? just ask!